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Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid-19 is sweeping throughout the world, infecting some, taking lives, but changing the lives of all. Scenarios which barely unimaginable a few months ago are now in place in almost every nation. Churches are not immune to the virus, or the changes.

However this is a moment of rediscovery. We know that Jesus said that he was always with us, that he would never leave – He wasn’t talking about a 90 minute service on a Sunday morning and a handful of other gatherings. Leaders often talk in church about how we are the church 24-7, but our focus on our inherited patterns have often seemed to hold us back from inhabiting the full promise of the call to be the church. In this global moment of liminality, with all that we once held dear prohibited, we reach for daily moments of connection, and pray that the thoughts of our hearts would be renewed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

During this time we at St James the Less are having daily scripture meditations and prayers, and providing opportunities to connect online. We would love for you to join us, and explore how God like a potter is shaping the church as a vessel to contain His loving life and presence in the days ahead.

Monday – Friday approximately 9am
Sunday – 10:30am

The latest video of our connections are in the sidebar, or slightly larger on our online connect page.

Jon Hallewell