Third Sunday of Easter April 14th

Communion service BCP 10:00 AM

When Jesus stands amoung us

On the 17th is our first Seniors Wellness afternoon seminar. Wednesday at 2:00 we will meet in the church for three short presentations and then a time for questions. The title of this event is “Death and Taxes” We are pleased to welcome Dave Nickerson and Karen Belyea (Brenans funeral home) , Richard Albert (Law Practice) and Norman McLeod (Accounting Services).

While this might be an uncomfortable topic for some; it has proven to be a very poplular and helpful session when we have done it in the past. There are many forms to fill and rules to follow as we come to the end of our life and a little preparation goes a long way to smooth things out for our survivors.

Next month we will continue our series with a session on Fraud Prevention. How many times a week to you get an intrusion via email or your phone where someone is wanting to take your money. Every week there are new scams that we should be aware of so we can spot them. Personel from FCNB will be with us to see that we are as prepared as we can possibly be and to help us choose the best ways to conduct our financial affairs. May 15th at 2 in the afternoon.

We also have some initial plans for a seminar in October called “Managing Short term memory loss” This is something that everyone over 50 is atleast somewhat aware of. For the most part it is a normal part of ageing. There are indicators that might point to something more serious. We will have retired nurse Sherry Gionet with us, who is a specialist in this area to help us find strategies and tools to help us.

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