Seniors Wellness Services

We are begining again our ministry to seniors in the area so that they can live safe and predictable lives. Our first two afternoon seminars have been scheduled for Mid April and Mid May. Final dates have yet to be finalized but will be shortly. When they are available you will be able to see them on the church Calendar at the bottom of this page.

April: Death and Taxes!

This event is for seniors and their carers.   We will have as a panel a funeral director, a lawyer and an accountant.   There are many preparations that the prudent person should look after as they approach the end of this life.    Power of attorney (two), executors, tax filings, bank accounts, life insurance, preparation of wills, funeral pre planning, in home care or residential care.   By looking after these early rather than later we can remove a lot of stress and anxiety for ourselves and our loved ones.

Join us for an opportunity to hear expert presentations and a chance to ask questions and get referrals.

Tea and coffee and snacks will be provided

No cost to you.

May: Fraud proof your Life

How many times have your received a phone call, an email or a letter that you have thought suspicious?    How many times were your cautions not raised?

Fraudulent attempts to relieve us from our savings happen many, ways and very often.   Only by education and constant vigilance can we be truly secure.   Join us for an afternoon of presentations and a chance to ask question and to receive some valuable resources that will help you outwit the fraudsters.

We will provide tea and coffee and a snack.

No cost to you!

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  1. We have now nailed the dates for these two events. They will take place on Wednesday April 17th at 2:00 and Wednesday May 15th at 2:00

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