Easter Letter and Brunch

Below is the text of my Easter Letter to you all.   Also remember that we have a special time in-between the services this week to have brunch together.   9:30-10:30

Greetings in this joyous season of the Resurrection.   When Jesus rises from death and then subsequently ascends to heaven and also sends back the person of the Holy Spirit, the main movements of the christian faith all come a wonderful completeness.   


The story began with the creation of the world through god’s speaking, followed by the distortion of the fall and the struggle of humans to discover truth and meaning.   Through the writings and the prophets, revelation began to lay down a rich background and understanding of the heart of the creator. When Jesus comes on the scene he does so in such a way that anyone can access him.    It is his humility and his love that make him so attractive to us.


We have been reminded in this season of Lent however of the frailty and brokenness of the creation.      This all comes to a dramatic moment in the death of Jesus upon the cross. It is not a long time, but it is a very dark time; the three days in the tomb,  that are the very hinge point of human history. What emerges then, is a revelation that, whether you personally believe it or not, has changed the nature of all of creation.    With the resurrection of Jesus the perspective and relationship that is available to us is completely changed. And there is more! The holy spirit is being poured out to anyone who desires it.    


This is the age that we now live in.    An age where relationship with the three persons of the trinity is not only possible, but normal.   We gain a depth of understanding the heart and activity of God Himself and are forever linked to divine nature.    All the riches of His creation are available to us now.


Jesus came so that we could be saved, healed and delivered, filled, equipped and sent out.  


Eric Phinney


Rector of Renforth – The Day of Resurrection 2018


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