In the book of Nehemiah chapters 8 and 9 we learn how the word of God was read out loud to the people.

What was the response? “The people started crying when God’s law was read to them.” 8:9 and “For three hours they stood and listened to the Law of the LORD their God, and then for the next three hours they confessed their sins and worshipped the LORD.” 9:3

Proclamation is the reading aloud of the entire Bible over a ten day period, sponsored by the Canadian Bible Society and local churches. Proclamation will take place at Full Gospel Assembly, 34 Mount Pleasant Ave. East, Saint John. Readings will begin daily at 7am and finish at 9pm , Wednesday, May 24 to Friday, June 2. Sunday, May 28 readings will begin at 1pm and finish at 8pm. We are inviting churches to advertise Proclamation with the invitation for people to read during the ten days. People can read in the translation and language of their choice. Folks are encouraged to make appointments for when they want to read and passages will be assigned. Register to read : 633-4956 Ext.2 or sign up online at

Thank you to those who have advertised Proclamation. Would you please take a couple of minutes to e-mail, face book or send a message on Twitter to people in your congregation about Proclamation? You could send the previous paragraph.
Invite them to visit the website and register to read. They can check out what scriptures are scheduled for which days and times. There are small/home groups that are going to read together.
Some passages are shorter than others, particularly Psalms. Two people could tag team a longer passage.
There is no commentary, no sermon, simply the reading of the Bible.

If you have a prayer meeting or prayer chain in your church, would you please ask folks to ask the Lord to speak through Proclamation? Pray that the Holy Spirit will use this act of faith to achieve the Lord’s purpose.

Sincerely in Christ,
Edward Powell, for Chapter 17


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