An important meeting

Next Thursday at 7 we have planned a time to meet with Bishop David. We have invited him to come an address us concerning the decision of General Synod to take the first step in changing the definition of marriage. (This will not take place for three years)

I am pleased to be able to tell you that he has now joined with atleast 7 other bishops in declaring that this was a bad decision.

The process that was used to bring the synod to this point used a great deal of manipulation.

Chris Smith had written a commentary on one of the main documents that was used at Synod. I believe it is important for each of you to be aware of the tactics that were used.

David will be sharing the process and the hope he has as a diocese.

I realize that for a number of you this is a very disheartening season. I see it as a direct attack on the authority of scripture and the person of the Holy Spirit. It also does extreem violence to our Christian culture and tradition.

I invite the whole parish to come and listen and share. Our future depends on it.

David is a great leader and a man of God. I believe he is a gift to the diocese for a time like this.

Rector of Renforth


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