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Hello everyone.

Wow time marches on. I had hoped to get this out in time for church, but was to worn out last evening and to busy early this morning.

This truly is an amazing place in the world, rich with life, rich in spirit and extremely poor in finances. The inflation makes life so difficult for the people as their currency continues to slide in value. In the short time we have been here their currency has lost 4 basis points. As Don mentioned in their news letter a bag of rice cost three times what it did two years ago. Yet Mozambique is incredibly rich in faith.
Some will struggle with my next statements, but that is okay, because it is truth and reality in this place. This morning Heidi invited all the visitors to the front to receive an impartation of faith from the Mozambiquans, because they are rich in faith. She asked three of the local pastors to lead in prayer as many others moved through the crowd and laid hands on us and prayed for us. She had Pastor Pedro lead out first in prayer, because he had raised five (yes five) people from the dead. Last Sunday Pastor Surpressa’s wife, Triphina preached and shared testimony of two people being raised from the dead.
Heidi shared on faith for healing and shared of receiving a prophecy that she would see the deaf hear and the blind see. Her success rate since that time is 100% of the deaf that she prays for receive their hearing and most of the blind as well.
As you know this is the end of Ramadan and supposedly a difficult to witness, because of the increase in prayer in the Islamic world. On the outreach last Thursday and Friday they went into a village, which was mostly Moslem. There was a lady who came to church, because when she was in bed sleeping, a man dressed in white robes came to her in a dream. She had been struggling with an issue of blood for five years. The man in white told her to get up and go to church and she would be healed. She got up and told her husband, but he refused to go as they would be kicked out of the family. They argued back and forth for a while and she finally said I am going to church. You do as you please. He decided he needed to accompany her. When they got to church (a five kilometre walk) he explained to the pastor he felt guilty for being there, but his wife insisted they go. The wife told the pastor about the dream and the pastor explained the man dressed in white robes was Jesus. They prayed for her and she was instantly healed and accepted Jesus.
In that outreach five deaf people received their hearing and two blind people received their sight. Many came to Christ, because of the miracles including 3 Moslem priests.
Jesus truly is the way the truth and the life (John 14:6), which was Heidi’s theme passage this morning.
I am very much looking forward to outreach this week. We will be going for two nights and three days…..HOORAY!

Yesterday was a fun kickback afternoon as we went to Noviani for 1:00 to visit with the kids there and give the girls dresses and the boys shorts. We visited for about an hour then headed for the beach where we had a great afternoon of fun swimming, splashing and playing on the beach.

I so wish I could transport many of you here to experience what we are experiencing.

Please pray for Shirley as she has a two abscesses on her lip and in her nose, which are very painful.

It so strengthens ones faith and resolve to carry on NO MATTER WHAT COMES!

Love to all

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