Contact info

St. James the Less Church

1760 Rothesay Road

Rothesay NB, E2H 2J5

Church Office Phone: (506) 847-7696
Fax: (506) 849-1635


Leadership and Administration

Rector: Rev. Eric Phinney BBA MDiv. (506) 643-0799

Wardens: David Henderson Chris Smith

Treasurer: Don Hazen

Envelope Secretary: Norman McLeod

Kids Church: Sue Henderson

Altar Guild: Anne Ross

Vestry Members 2018

Don Hazen
David Kierstead
Sharon Kierstead
Deja Peterson
Josh Peterson

Delegates to Synod:

David Henderson
Chris Smith

Alternates to Synod

2 thoughts on “Contact info”

  1. Hello Reverend Phinney,

    I gave a donation to the Church thru Paypal and would ask that if you are decorating for Christmas, perhaps some of it or all could be used to buy flowers/poinsettias in memory of: Dorothy and Olie Olsson and Gunhild Olsson from The Olsson Family.

    Many thanks, hope all is well, Ingrid Rose

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