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It is time to mark your Calendars!

The last days of our summer are upon us and it is time to make plans for the fall season. Here are some tentative dates and activities. If these fall in conflict with other events that you know about please let me know so we can change them if prudent.

Meeting with the Bishop on September 8th. This is to discuss the decision of General Synod to change the Canon on Marriage. I believe as does our Bishop that the Synod has made a serious mistake here. The question is, what do we do about it? Come and let’s sit down and have a conversation. 7:00 in the Church for All

Annual Parish Prayer walk Sept 25th (Bridgetown service at 9:30) and Corn boil on the Rectory Lawn. We have done this several times now and always with real results (Renforth Wharf Days, Health Wellness and Safety ministry to Seniors) We will combine this with Bridgetown at 9:30 and follow it up with a Corn-boil on the lawn to discuss our impressions from God after our time of prayer. We will have a short service at 10:30 and then be sent out to pray.

Feast of Francis of Assisi October 4th CBZ. As you know by now things have changed at the Zoo. Largly because of the ministry of Prayer. Last year a small group of us went on this day and sang to the staff and animals as we toured the zoo. The tiger was particularly impacted by the worship songs. Come and join us this year as we bless God’s creation. Time TBA

Alpha Film Series will begin Sunday Evening October 9th. The new Alpha Film series is completed and we will be running it from the Rectory once again. If we have more than 10 sign up we will either split the venue/night or hold it at the Church. Sign up and or invite someone. Watch for my social media boots regarding this.


Camp Medley

A letter from our LIT Director
Maren McLean Persaud
16 minutes agoDetails
Hi Everyone,

Please read this letter written to you by our Leader in Training Director, Allyson Caldwell.

To the Parishes and Leaders of the Diocese,

My name is Allyson Caldwell, and I am the LIT Director for the Camp Medley 2016 camping season. This will be my fourth summer on staff, and I am beyond excited to share with you, and your local youth, some of the big changes we have happening at Medley this summer!

For this summer we have redesigned our Leaders In Training program. Our intent for this summer is to welcome youth ages 16+ into a three-week program that is designed to help them build basic leadership skills. The objective for the LIT program this summer, is to work toward the mission of Camp Medley, by investing in the spirituality and ability of our rising leaders.

Perhaps the most exciting addition to our LIT program this summer is Camp On The Road! We have added an additional third week to the LIT program, in which the LIT’s will be granted the opportunity to apply their newly developed skills as we travel to local churches to host a week of camp fun to the youth of the surrounding communities in the form of a day camp.

LIT’s have long been an important aspect of the Medley community, but in turn, the Medley community has been vital to the lives of many youth who have experienced the program through the years. While the LIT program has always been designed to be a fun and interactive method to teach older campers about the community here, it has developed into so much more. The LIT program is a distinct opportunity for young leaders to come and gain confidence in their own ability, and to experience the joy that is found in serving others.

Through their own determination, these up and coming leaders are able to identify the skills they have and learn how to apply them toward their own personal involvements, whether it be in a church, school, sports team, community or anything they may be involved with. LIT’s are not only taking a step toward knowing what it means to be a future staff member of Medley, but they are also preparing themselves to becoming the future leaders of our communities.

This summer we are looking to fill our spots with young leaders from your communities, who you feel could truly benefit from an opportunity like this. Please reach out to anyone you know who may be interested in finding out more about this program, as we would love to see them here.

Applications for the LIT program are available at, and will be accepted at an extended date, until the end of June. We are encouraging applicants to speak with members of their church communities to aid them with the cost of the program, so to help make it affordable and accessible to everyone interested.

If you have any questions or concerns about the 2016 LIT program, please contact me, as I would love to provide further details or comments on this exciting addition to the Medley summer. I can be reached at the Camp Medley office (506) 488-2875 or by e-mail at

Blessings on your Parishes and work, as you continue your ministries over the summer.

Allyson Caldwell

LIT Director, Camp Medley

Maren McLean Persaud
Director, Camp Medley


Last Day of Summer Prayer walk and Corn Boil

Last week we announced our intention to have an area prayer walk on September 20th. I have decided that we should add corn to the mix and so I will get a bag of ears and be prepared to cook them on the rectory back lawn.

Here is how the time will go:

Arrive for the regular 10:30 service. It will be short, so please be on time. By 11:15 we will head out to our prayer assignments. You may do one of the following:

1) Remain in the Church and pray
2) Drive to a location with in our parish and Pray
3) Walk a route with in the parish

The topic of our prayer is “Revelation” We are asking the Lord to show us two things. First: what is He already doing in the area, Secondly: What are the needs that He would like us to engage in.

2 Kings 6: 17Then Elisha prayed and said, “O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the LORD opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

We will be back at the Rectory for 12:15 for sharing and food.

Please bring with you food that you can share that will complement a Corn Boil. The Church will provide Coffee and Tea and the Corn.

Please encourage one another to join in this event as we listen to the Lord Speak to us.



Time for supper

I was talking with Jayme from out flow yesterday. They are serving around 800 meals per week now in Saint John. Is it time for SJTL to restart out meal outreach? I have already talked to several people who are ready again to help. We need some volunteers and we need a convenor.